Squash Ghost

Today I submitted my first iOS application. It was more for fun and see if I was still able to code after 15 years of management. It still needs to go under review, I guess it will be available in a week or so in the app store.

So I wrote a small application for squash ghosting session. If you are looking to try it, search for “Ghost Squash” in the app store.

You could reply to this post if you have any suggestions for improvement.

7 thoughts on “Squash Ghost

  1. I just got done trying the app. My only complaint so far is the volume. It’s hard to hear the commands. Maybe you could incorporate some type of visual on the screen to let me know which way to go? Thanks



    1. Hi Kim,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Which version of Squash Ghost are you running? I’ve fixed a volume issue in version 1.1 (available since this week), if you still have version 1.0, update the application.

      If you are using version 1.1, could you tell me which device and version of iOS you are running on?



  2. I don’t know if you’re still working with this app, but I thought it was wonderful. Unfortunately, there’s no sound with the newer iPhones. I’m hoping you’ll be able to update and fix this as I would love to use this app again!


    1. Hi Paul,

      It’s been a while I haven’t touch the application. I had a volume problem in the earlier version, but from your description I doubt it is the problem you’re seeing. What’s the iPhone model you’re using? I’ll try to find one somewhere and reproduce the problem, then I will fix it.


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